Me and my new friend

Me: I don't usually work with artists. I like comedic timing.

New guy: I have timing. You need that in art.

Me: Are you street trained? Do you do have street smarts?

New Guy: I'm classically trained.

Me: I used to breakdance. I'll saw the movie breakin so I understand that there's quite a tension between the street talent and the school talent.

New Guy: The school wins every time.

Me: If you are schooled you don't die as much. Street artists have to worry about the third rail. I saw beat street. The king of the beat.

Me: The question is can you draw comedy?

New guy: I think I can.

Me: Let's see what you got.

The artist shows a couple pics that he just jotted down during the conversation.

Me: I'm looking for a sidekick. I need someone. I can't be alone. I need an artist drawing me. What's your schedule like, I want someone who can be around.

New guy: I live with my parents and I just got laid off at boarders books and music, so my schedule is pretty clear.

Me: You live with your parents? How old are you?

New guy: I'm 40

Me: Ok your hired. Can you draw me with my shirt off?

New guy: I guess.