My sidekick lover helps with my book

Me: You're good man.

Sidekick: It's just what I do

M: I want to write a book.

S: I read.

M: A kids book. I want to teach a lesson.

S: I'm gonna do a kids book.

M: What's you're story?

S: I don't know. I do know that kids like spaceships and dinosaurs. I'll probably write some type of spaceship dinosaur book.

M: Sounds like a hit. I want mine to teach a lesson. It'll be some type of metaphor for the world around you. The stuff around you. Look around you. All the stuff around you is there because you made a choice that everything around you is in the place it's supposed to be in. Maybe everything around you is rad and it's just always been that way. That's called luck. Maybe everything around you is shit. That's bad luck. Sometimes when you have bad luck it's time to make some choices. Maybe it's time to start getting rid of some of the shit.

S: I didn't make a choice.

M: Neil Pert says that If you don't choose you still have made a choice.

S: Who's in you're book?

M: Bonky. That's the hero's name. Bonky is way cool, but he's unlucky.

S: Let me guess, he gets lucky.

M: He likes life. He sees life as something beautiful. He thinks you can always see beauty. He thinks nature is beautiful. He's sensitive and is available to learn lessons from the universe. He's Bonky

S: Maybe Bonky can hang with dinosaurs and spaceships?

M: Sounds pretty cool.