It's all about perspective. We live in a world of perspective. We live in a world with a realm of 360% worth of perspective.

From an early age I mastered one particular perspective, it went something like: This sucks! It worked for any situation. I used it for all situations. This sucks.

I think I really learned it in Jr high. That's how you talk to a chick on the phone. I used to not know what to say to a girl when I called her on the phone. Then I figured it out. Everything sucks. Whenever you're able to articulate how something sucks you become cool. Especially in Jr High, but let's face it, life is jr high.

Later in life I also learned how to master the art of the worst case scenario. My brain just works so naturally in predicting the worst possible thing that could happen.

So what do you do when you've mastered the art of "worst case scenario" and the all important "this sucks" perspective? My answer is: try something different. You are a master, now learn something new.

We are so scared of the unknown. What's so scary about this experience on this dust ball? You either live or you die. The scary part is what other people think. Why is that? Why do we care so much? Maybe it's built into our DNA. A star reader told me that a thousand years ago I was kicked out of the tribe. For being too different.

Maybe my fear is being kicked out of the group. Of starving. Of having to fend for myself and then getting eaten by a saber tooth tiger.

It's 2010. I'm not going to die if someone disagrees with me. It's ok to try something new.

It's all about perspective. The is a 360% realm of perspectives starting with "This sucks" and ending with "this sucks". Who gives a fuck what's real. No one knows the truth. We're a heard of ants on the side of the freeway, we don't know what the fuck is going on.

News flash, you don't know the truth. You will never know the truth. Fuck the truth!

What does that leave us with? Life here and now. What is comfortable and what is uncomfortable? This is the only question to concern yourself with.

Where does God's will stop and your's begins? You'll never know you stupid son of a bitch. Some people say that God's will is from the clouds up and from the clouds down is mans will. Other people say that the big stuff is God's and it's the little stuff that's ours.

If we don't know then what's the most comfortable. What about this? God is everything. God is everything and everywhere. There is no place without God.

This is my perspective for a second. If this is my perspective then that means that I don't get to take credit for the great accomplishments in my life. I'm no longer the hero, God is. But it also means that I get to let go of the blame and shame and negative self talk that rattles through my brain all day long. This is a pretty good deal for me.

Instead of trying to get spiritual I can realize that I already am spiritual. I'm a spiritual; being having a human experience. Everything for me is spiritual. I don't have to climb some mountain to find God. It's a spiritual experience just brushing my teeth.

I'm so glad I took that acid. I saw another plane. When you take acid it's a takes a while for it to kick in and you're not sure if it's going to work or not. What you end up doing is an internal check in with yourself. You feel your entire body and ask yourself if you are tripping yet.

I love the internal check in. I do it now without the acid. It makes this life a much stonier experience when I can feel my body and experience some of this life without my head rattling off nonsense.

Let go of preconceived notions. Get into your body. Trip. If anything it's fun and the perpective I want today is a fun one. And one that feels like it's leading me into beauty. I'm enlightened if I could only be enlightened which I am.