Comedy loser

The comedy gods were not smiling upon me last night. The crowd wasn't either. Ok there were laughs but not as loud, powerful and as frequent as I imagine in my mind that I deserve. I wasn't feeling the comedy vibe yesterday. After the show this lady told me that my eyes were so red. My eyes feel red right now. She asked if I was stoned. No. I might as well have been, I'm out of it. I think I'm stoned off of sleep deprivation.

First mistake: ten comics drew numbers to determine the order. I picked ten. In my mind I think everyone in the audience is forced to be there. They can't wait for it to be over. They were dragged there by their friends. They don't care about comedy and they feel like they are being held hostage. I'm thinking I can't go on tenth, they audience will be worn out. I traded a guy for second. Not a good choice. The crowd was very cold. I got depressed. I lost.

I don't know the rest of the mistakes. Probably getting into comedy in the first place.