The romantic stage (between comedy bros)

Duke's walking in the forest of El Toro. Breadth walking. Affirmations.

D: Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. I'm a lean mean comedy killing machine. All that I need is within me now. Nothing tastes as good as Mrs. Fields.

Ryan is in a business suit. Duke walks by.

R: I think you should cry.

D: Ryan?

R: I think you should cry.

D: Are you a business man?

R: I think you should cry.

D: You're in a suit.

R: I'm in Real Estate. But you need a cry. I can see it.

D: What are you talking about?

R: Like I said, I'm in Real Estate.

D: What does that have to do with me crying?

R: You need to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough.

D: I'm not sure if that's for me.

Business guy walks up with a sandwich.

Ryan is giving Duke weird looks.

B: The house on mertyl is BOM. Back on market. Who's this?

D: I'm Duke.

B: How do you know this prep?

Ryan is making a face no.

D: Around town. I'll see you guys later.

(Side idea- incorporate Ryan's skits into movie ie. he helps me talk to agents "Don't go there." He helps me interview for agencies "1 million dollars". He teaches kids not to do drugs. He give's me come back tips like the fart break down. He trains me in comedy."