Windows in time

OK, yesterday I mentioned that I was writing my 60th blog but in fact today is the number 60.

The windows in life are a strange thing. Windows open and windows close. When they are open it seems like they could be open for years, when they are closed it seems like they will never open again, sometimes that's true. When a window closes a decade or two could slip by before it opens again. My thought is this, step through the window. It's so much more fun looking for meaning and signs in life. Whatever realm you step into can become real, the choice is yours.

It's a combination. I believe in both. I'm a searcher. Searcher are the best. (Whoever I label myself as I have to think that is the best.)

My Dad died when I was 12. He left when I was 5. The window has definitely closed on that one. When you have children a window is open. I have children. Two beautiful boys. Sometimes they're crazy, sometimes they're obnoxious, sometimes they can be unreasonable. They're boys. The window to be a father is open to me now. This window will not be open forever. This is the choice of a man. A man sees this window and steps through it.

At the same time I have to become the man I want to be. The man I'm meant to be. The man I want my children to emulate. I have to be true to myself. If I'm not I don't give my children an example, I give them a lie. Walking this line, the line between being a good father and being a true example of a great man is the test. Some run, some hide, and some look at the test in the eye and ride the wave.

What windows have closed for you? What windows are open? They won't stay open forever.

Doing what you need to do is the best vacation possible. Do the work and watch your body relax.