Death. Am I in denial? We are dying. I have a terminal disease called birth. It's going to end but it's most likely going to get bad in the years preceeding. Death.

I'm not afraid to go to sleep. Most people enjoy sleep. I love sleep. I love the thought of sleep. Why am I not afraid of sleep? Why do I cherrish my sleep. Sleep is just turning off your body, right? We're so scared of death but we love sleep. It5's the eternal sleep, or the unknown sleep that we are all avoiding.

Comedians know death. Comedians are in denial. You have to be in denial to experience the type of death that comics experience. Death on stage. They say it's worse than real death. Nothing turns off, I can tell you that much. Silence is death to a comedian. Silence is death and laughter is oxygen. If you stop breathing you start dying. Breathing is good. Keep breathing.

People don't want to see you die. Let me think about that.... That might not be entirely true. I think comics want to see you die. Is it because it's not them dying?

Death. You've got to die to learn how to live. Wilco song.

We run so hard from death that we don't live. Why do you have to die to live? Maybe it's because you are running through illusions when you die. When the fearfull illusions dissapear we can relax. When we relax we can laugh. When we laugh we become alive.

I've allways loved to laugh. Maybe I love life. I like fucked up laughter. What's up with that? For another day.

Walk through the illusions of fear. Walk through death. Die. And then start living.