It's not so easy now

They say that youth is wasted on the young. Sometimes it's all right in front of you; you think you need to get to some other place but really all you need to do is look around because right now all is well. Look inside and seek truth. Follow your gut and a path will develop. When you're young it doesn't matter, you've got nothing to loose. This is why fear in the young adult is such bullshit.

Don't listen to people you don't respect. The difference between those who make it and those who don't? The one's who don't make it were told they suck all the time and the ones who make it are those who were told they suck almost all the time.

When you're young you have nothing to loose. Maybe you think you have time to loose. If you go for something you desire and fail then you've wasted those years. This is the fear. So you listen to mom and play it safe. The years fly by when you play it safe. You get stuff. A lot of luggage.

And then one day you wake up to realize that playing it safe was really what made you loose the time. Playing it safe is like time travel into the future. And when you wake up regret starts to seep in. Then you try to overcompensate but life has tied you down. You realize how easy it would have been when you were younger.

It's easy to go all in with nothing but the clothes on your back but what happens after the time travel? What if you wake up mid life and still want to save your soul? It's not easy. It's kind of like that camel through the eye of a needle shit. No one does it. Except me.

I've had the house, the care, the income. Those three things have vanished. I have a wife. I have two young children. I have things to loose. But still I hold on to my guns when I say that nothing is worse than loosing your soul. I think that winning your soul is number one. What kind of husband am I with no soul? What kind of father am I who doesn't follow his own truth?

So you've got to do it. There is a way out of hell but you've got to turn around and start walking out. I choose to leave my situation, I choose life and choose to be a man. I choose to be an example for my kids and I don't care what I have to walk through to get there.