A love story

There's something missing. Something familiar yet lost. Something deep inside. Something locked up. The key is missing. This key is the key to make you complete. It's the key that makes life worth living. It's the key that opens your eye's in a way that allows you to see beauty. With the key you can see beauty you never saw previously. This is the key to the kingdom!

Without this key you experience loneliness beyond comprehension. Anxiety, depression, emptiness and pain. Mostly all of the different kinds of suffering are in your immediate perspective. Life is meaningless. Life is dark, scary, pointless and meaningless.

Then one day you look up and you meet someone. Someone who holds the key. They give you the key and you unlock something wonderful. Words cannot describe the feelings you have towards the universe. Everything makes since. Wonderment surrounds you. Not only does the magical new world become available to you but you have someone to share it with. Life means something at last.

Movies, bike rides, long talks, and late nights. You're growing spiritually at an amazing rate and never before have you felt so alive. Your muse has also come to visit you and the heavens begin to use you as a vessel for beautiful poetry, music and art. You can't remember what life was like before you had access to this key.

Then one day your someone with the key takes away the key and leaves. Colors immediately turn to black and white. The darkness reappears. Your soul goes back into hibernation. You quickly become a shell of a human. You get lost in your mind. You don't see the world at all anymore. All you see is hell. A hell within your mind.

This goes on for years until you hear a Neil Young song. You search for someone who is turning and when you find this person you begin to turn.

If you are lucky (and this journey doesn't kill you; as it does many who dare to embark on it) then you learn something. You have the key. It's just a matter of opening your eyes, find someone who's turning, and hold on to your focus.