Time to eat

Christmas is tomorrow and all the gifts I got for the family aren't good enough! OK let's not stress out here. Calm down. Be cool man!

I got out of a Christmas party that has a bunch of people I would never see unless I went to this party. I'm having panic attacks. My kids are whining. I'm locked in a head of thoughts. I'm tired. I don't have a talk show. I have over half of a screenplay. I don't know what's going on.

Pull it together man. Think of something good.

My wife is beautiful. She's cooking dinner right now. I love my kids. Life is good when I stay cool. Stay cool man.

Focus on others. Focus on what you can give to the situation. (I'm talking to myself here.) I'm rambling thoughts and posting them on the internet like a crazy man. Ok be cool man.

"Daddy time to eat!"