These are the good times

I used to ride motorcycles to the movies with my old mentor and drink large bottles of Dr. Pepper and stay up very late. Whenever it was time to ride our motorcycles he would say, "Are you ready for the good times?" It felt at the time that those were times that would be remembered as the best. They were definitely times that have been put on the permanent hard drive.

My 6 year old woke up at 2:30 am asking if it was time to open presents. That went on for a few hours. My mom showed up at 6am and the kids bolted downstairs. I woke up and immediately had a panic attack! The kids had a pretty good Christmas. They're both crying and in a terrible mood now that all the festivities have drained everything out of them.

Sometimes it's tough to see the beauty of the forest when the ugly trees are staring you in the face. Ugly trees being screaming and crying accompanied with uncomfortable thinking. But I stop that thinking as soon as I notice it and focus on my awesome wife and how cool it really is spending time with the kids.

There's no better feeling than making the kids laugh and we've definitely been doing a lot of that lately. Even with the bad this truly is a wonderful life when I just make it a point to open my eyes and see with my heart.