You're a homophobic who's harsh torwards women!

I've finished my interview with This American Life and I'm told that the episode will air this Saturday. The reporter called me up for some fact checking to make sure that her story is basically true. She said she might have put a few of the events out of order to make the story come together.

I spent 2 and a half years trying to get publicity for my show, to build a fan base. I wanted to get fans to interact with. I had a segment called "The comments" where I read the youtube comments, which usually told me how much I sucked but I had some fans. It was cool.

I've been telling people the show is on hiatus but I think I'm finally realizing that it's over. And right when it's over I get to have my voice in front of over 2 million people. I've finally got my shot to promote something and I have nothing to promote. Isn't that exactly how this world world works? The moment you stop trying something happens.

The reporter asked me if I had a website or anything that I wanted to promote and I didn't know what to say. My best thinking was that this is an audience that listens to podcasts so I told her to say I'm working on a podcast called Duke's World. They say that a sign of maturity is learning your limitations and working within them. I think podcasting might be outside the realm of my limitations but fuck it I guess I'm not mature yet.

At the last minute I told her to say that I'm an aspiring comedian. She said, "Yeah I listened to your comedy and you're surprisingly harsh. You're harsh on gays and women."

Oh fuck! So not only am I going to be introduced to 2 million people but I might be labeled homophobic and chauvinistic? I told her I had a joke that had the word "homo" in it but it was me reading a youtube comment of someone calling me a homo. I wanted to say that I have a lot of gay friends but then I thought that is what people who are racist say. "I have black friends."

So there you go; I'm getting my publicity and have nothing to promote and have the possibility of being labeled "harsh towards gays and women."

I'm really going places.