Where's my here?

It's gonna be so much better once we get there. When we get there we'll definately be happier. I'll most likely be cooler too. When we get there we can finally start living our lives. That's what I'm excited for. I can't wait to start living my life. Once I can start living my life I'll be totally relaxed. The cool thing about when we get there is I won't have any worries. I can't imagine anything to worry about when you get there.

When I get there I'm going to hang out at the beach every day. I'm gonna surf and you know I'll have that tan that you see on really rich people...or the homeless. But when I get there I'm going to be the super rich tan guy. Plus I'm going to be respected. Everyone has to respect a man who makes it there. I'm going to be a vessel from the heavens above and the angels will be my muse. The most remarkable things will come from my pen to the paper. I can't wait to get there!

The only problem is...there is no there over there. There's only more here over there. The funny thing is, I've already got a lot of here right here. There's here all around me. I'm surrounded by here. I think I'm going to just start living now. I've got so much here right here that it's getting me high.

Here's to here!