Dead rose alive

I was never last but I was never first
this times different in a way
this time someone has lifted the curse
this is the year of a new day
the dead rose has come back to life
I was awake and I remember that
I remember the day we made the alliance
the week that burned all the fat
we played for crowds of fans
we signed paper plates for girls
our radio interview was unplanned
but we were ruling our own world
how was something so perfect then
so much magic made me take a different look
letting go of the concept of sin
and taking the moment to write a new book
I love our book and the spirit inside
this is the way the ancients felt
our time had stopped there wasn't even pride
It was contagious made fear melt
I've got it again and I write this to you
I see inside your gut to something lost
it's just covered but it's as good as new
let's play again it's worth any cost