Unsolicited advice

When you're not doing well in life people tend to give you a lot of advice. It's usually advice that you didn't ask for. I think it was Todd Glass who said that comedians really can't give other comics advice because essentially all they are doing is telling the other comic how to be more like them. That's only going to fuck the comic up. The comic is on a journey. The first part of the journey is about making people laugh, a lot. The second part is about finding out who they truly are and becoming that person on stage. Even if they are just playing a character it's a character that came from inside themselves. It's something that's coming from the truth within you.

No one knows what's going on inside you. That's a solo expedition. You're on your own. You can get half way successful by following some bullshit path that your parents forced down your throat but true success comes from within. So why the advice? Because people don't like it when other people are getting away with something. "I followed daddy's rules, why isn't he?"

Maybe with some outward labels that say he's winning at the game of life he feels he can tell you what you're doing wrong. Look inside. And keep looking, this is where the gold is, and fuck all the sell outs. Anyone who ignored the inner universe to make daddy happy is no one to listen too.

There is an exception. The reason why most comics can't write jokes for other comics is because they only know their own voice. But there is a special breed of comic that is so aware he can understand your voice and write for it. The thing is you can't work with this guy until you have taken that journey within and discovered your voice. Judd Appatow is one of those guys. Don't take advice from anyone who doesn't have the character and an example of living that you really want. Other than those guys you are better off looking within, like I said there's gold in there.