I am poetry!!

A lot of people don't realize that I am a poet. I'm the real deal. My poetry is the kind that comes from angels, the kind of poetry that you can only write if you get yourself into a space where you watch a sunset and cry. True poetry comes from tears, tears that come from a place where you are witnessing something so beautiful that you have to cry. My poetry style is probably best categorized as beauty tear poetry. I'm special, I have special emotions. That's why I'm an important poet.

You get to be a poet of my stature without crying a lot of tears. Whenever I recognize beauty I start crying. I'm crying right now just because I can totally spot the genius in this writing that I'm creating at this very moment.

That's all art is, being in the moment, right? That's why people are always saying I'm brilliant.

But enough about me and more about my beauty. My poetry. Not only does poetry come from beauty but it comes from darkness. I have entered the realm of darkness. The depths of evil. The terror that your average American would go into cardiac arrest if he even knew a glimpse of the darkness I have witnessed. My incredible poetry comes from this place too.

I'm very sensitive so usually I don't express my deepest feelings but I feel that because this is the internet it's a safe place to share. Because people on the internet just want to help you. I feel safe and not judged right now.

My poem that I would like to share with you is titled innocent addicts.

Crack cocaine, heroine or speed
I can't help what's coming into me
My mom's a junkie and a slut
cigarettes and pot while I'm in her gut

I'm innocent I'm an innocent addict
I'm innocent It's not my fault that I love drugs!

incubator will be my place to live
5 years from now I'll be a Jerry's kid
20 years old can't even read
still addicted to crack cocaine and speed

I'm innocent it's my fault
I learned it from you mom! In your stomach!!!!!!!