Like father like son

You gave me the jacket
It could of been straight
You wrote the book
then burned it
I would still wear the jacket
if I was in prison
You taught me things
how to not grow up
how to wash
eat for really cheap
look good
say, "Fuck you."
You met the girl
with the pretty lips
and fat hands
you left. Then you came back.
But you were gone.
I'm your son.
I give these things to my kids.
I love them.
I hate myself sometimes.
You called me when I was going down.
It was odd timing.
I thought it was crazy
but maybe crazy makes sense.
We got high together
We hit the fourth one
crazy cycle sayings
cleaning toilets
Have I lost my janitor's license?
I love you.
I run the movie in my head.
I act it out with different
characters that stumble in my home
Be comfortable in your home.
We've got time, right?
These are the good times.
I love you.

I love the thought of you.