Dead man's mission

Time has spoke
The letter is done
The ink is wet
But here comes sun
The line before
was always clear
But now we've entered
blurry is near
the moments fade
into a haze
the young man sings
into a daze
I've seen lightening
that I could touch
it shows it's face
when times are such
Thinking man
has no place
it's honesty
that shows it's face
like kung fu
the stuff disarms
I've lived in cities
and ran from farms
my friends are tight
but more in dreams
it's a pattern
of holding seems
A thread that runs
my blankets end
The warmth it gives
is no mans friend
but don't disrobe
or pull the cloth
that's the job
of my souls moth
the path I take
Is joy in turns
the holding on
is when it burns
the magic of
life's first kiss
can hold you down
in chasing bliss
the journey's blind
on dead man's mission
so turn not
to blind ambition