My pinky toe

My pinky toe is red and purple. It hurts. This is one of the side affects of fatherhood, I'll explain.

I want my kids to have something. I'm into film, skateboarding, comedy, and surfing.

We make movies together, I fold and tape a bunch of blank papers together and turn it into a book. The kids draw pictures on each page. We look through the book together and they tell me the story. I write that down. We turn these books into movies.

I have four old school skateboards laid out in the hallway. We live on a culdesac. I get the kids out in front of our home to skate. We have races, practice turning, and take the boards down to the black path at the beach down the hill.

I make my kids laugh and encourage them to do the same to me and others. Many times my oldest son has to tell me to stop making jokes because he's laughing too hard and has the hiccups. Even at my most depressing moments in comedy I know that at the very least I can crack my kids up. The other day my wife asked my son what he wanted to do when he grows up and he said, "I want to do comedy because dad told me some people that do comedy only use potty words. That's what I want to do."

I've been taking my oldest out surfing for the last three summers. I got him a wetsuit and a life jacket. We started off on my longboard with him in front and we would just ride waves on our stomachs. Now I bought him a kids foam board and he was riding by himself, with a little help of being pushed into the wave.

My wife does some yoga with them.

I wanted them to have a coach that wasn't me or my wife. I'm broke but what the hell. We started taking the free two weeks that you get offered in the martial arts classes. Finally one of the places roped me in. The deal was for both kids, $159 for three months with the uniforms. I couldn't afford rent at the time but I did have enough for that, sold!

Fast forward a couple months and when I show up with the kids this morning it's parents and kids day at the dojo. What the heck. I take off my shoes and socks and get on the mat. They don't take it easy on us with the warm ups. The drills have us sprinting, running like a bear, and racing like a crab. Then the kids get to do the moves on their parents. Smash cut too...I have a pinky toe that looks and feels like it's going to fall off.

It's just the price of parenthood I guess.