My muses are coming

What's going on here? 182 days in? 182 days of daily writing and yoga. The goal was? To tap into the muse realm. Am I in muse realm now? That's how it works right? You write everyday and then one day, all of a sudden, you're in muse land. Where the muses are beautiful in their bikinis just whispering brilliant thoughts into your psyche. These majestic ideas then flow through your fingertips. A lot like Charlie Sheen's poetic fingertip magic.

So have we made it? When will I know? Maybe you never make it, you just flow in and out of charm.

If you want to get to know the creator then you can start to learn how to appreciate the creation. Look up. Look at the sky. How often do I look at the sky? The sky is God like. The ironic thing is that I used to take time out of my day to stop everything, to take a moment and look up to the sky when I smoked. Smokers have something uniquely special. They get to take a break from life. They get to have a chat with someone cool. Let's admit it, the fact is, most smokers are pretty cool. That's the reason why you start to smoke, isn't it? To be cool. Smokers get to be cool, and take a cool moment out of life with other cool people.

Unfortunately most smokers eventually turn ugly and uncool. But, for a period of time, they get to touch something that we all want. A break from life, a connection with someone, and a glimpse of God.

I've been thinking of the whole God thing a lot lately. I don't believe in the bearded man in the sky who is constantly saying, "Don't fuck with me!" But I have a need to believe in something. Atheism makes since to me but I find that it doesn't help me allow my human spirit to endure during tough times. It mostly makes me want to blow my brains out. I think atheism is a much easier attitude to adopt when you are rich. This is not to say that I'm religious as I can't stand people without a sense of humor. I especially abhor people who tell me I'm wrong and they are right.

I have a need to believe in something. For when times get tough, for when I'm in bed at night, for the human experience in general. All I can do is read and listen to people who have researched these kind of things and go with what I feel rings true to me.

Meditation rings true to me. Exercise rings true to me. Taking care of your body rings true to me. Being cool to people rings true to me. Writing rings true to me. Being open minded and flexible rings true. Yoga rings true to me. Laughter rings true to me. Looking within yourself rings true to me. Respect others rings true.

Somewhere in the bible it says something like, "God made us in his image." Somewhere along my path I heard from a man who spoke with a rabbi regarding that line. The rabbi said it was a misinterpretation. He went on to explain that it's not that God made us in his image but it's that we each have God within us.

On some level this rings true to me. It tells me a couple things. One we are all the same. If I hurt you, I hurt myself. It also tells me that I can find truth if I am to look within myself. This is the great secret that no church or religion wants you to know. If you could access God on your own then their would be no need for the church.

I have no need for the church. I am on a journey within. And I like to say the word fuck.

Thank you my muse.