Profoundly sick (Don't read)

You're a fucking pussy! If it happens for me then you're safe with your little deal but if it happens to you you change? The deals off? You know what you promised to.

Laughter and fun were so easily avoided with a drink then. Make ups are easy with a drink. Without medication it's harder to heal.

Find my meds. They're hard to find. You can't hold them. You really can't buy them. Maybe you can buy maps to them but you can't buy these meds in a store and put them in your grocery bag and bring them home.

My meds are transparent. They're hard to see. You have to be in a place. On the beam maybe, but sometimes when you have fallen off the beam and are far from home the medication appears.

Fill my heart with meds. I'm drowning. No one gives a fuck unless you're pretty. No one cares unless you know how to sing. Fuck you you sheep!!!!!

It is not a sign of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick world!