ramblings of the sacred

If you run too many programs on a computer at once it crashes. My mind is the same.

There's gold beneath the programs. Under the words and beyond the thoughts. Even past the thoughts that we don't know are thoughts. This is where the gold is. The well that was not made by man. It doesn't matter what you think you know of the well. In fact many people live their entire lives speaking passionately about this so called "well" who have never seen a glimpse of the sacred.

I started this off talking about computers and already I'm into the sacred. I guess that can make sense because the computers are a path to the sacred. This is nonsense talk to non stoners, so if you are not a tripper stop reading.

There's no sacred with a crashed computer.

My computer is crashing, hence I am out of balance. I'm not in touch with the sacred. (Are these the types of writings that you see a complete psycho give right before he goes on a rampage?) Most likely.

I'm on a journey. A journey to this so called "well" not made by men. Writing is half of the path. At least it's a part of it. I'm writing to write.

So back to computers. Just run one program at a time. My mind needs focus. I'm going to try to attempt to run a single program.

Now I know I'm not making sense.

Okay, so I have a green screen set up in my yoga room and I'm going to make a video for a friends website while I have a million other things running through my mind. Let's focus Duke.

If anything I did todays writing which will allow me to focus a little clearer.