Has this happened before?

Once again so tired. Always sleepy but never sleeping. Is this a dream state on some vision quest? Some sweat lodge that has turned into Alice's hole and a wonderland of half awake freaks who all want to get me? Time keeps on trippin, into the fade. Moments are becoming blurry. Back and fourth is my mind which is creating the nightmare visions of the worst possibilities. I think them and then they join me in the worldly plane and stay there. I escape into the astral regions of my mind but the ghosts are pulling me back.

There's nothing in the astral plane anyways, it was always a lie. There's definitely no pizza there, no shopping, no women. This plane that we see each other on, the one where I can move my hands and touch you, this is the one that counts. At least that's what my shaman told me. Shamen are never there when you think you need them but just as you are about to walk off the cliff he shows up to give you some type of wisdom that makes absolutely no sense. It's usually the opposite of reason.

I've spoken with the wizard, he came out of the smoke when I was pulling around the corner desperate tears. I picked up. The view from a noose is like no other. The colors really come to life. Anyways, I took my head out of the rope and gladly answered this serendipitous phone call. The wizard. He told me to expect the things I can not change.

These were his instructions:

Anytime I see anything that I take exception to I can ask myself, "Is this to be expected?"

"Has this ever happened before?"

"Is it probable that it will happen again?"

Then he said that I can ask the universe for serenity to expect the things I can not change.

This is my trip to the desert. This is what I come back to civilization with. I am a man. I am on a journey. I move forward.