Fuck that guitar!

Your breath was flammable
Your slur was pronounced
I gave you my guitar
to light on fire

Your distorted fingers screamed
And my heart became warm
We connected beyond friendship
We were both off the reservation

I slept in the park by your home
My red eyes greeted by your mom
And your little brother played video games
It was time to enter our world

We laughed at the same things
our egos pierced opposite ends
both equally out of control
I don't blame you anymore for being you

We both could say "fuck it" like the best
Fuck that guitar I gave you
My first guitar and I wanted to see it burn
I wanted you to fuck that thing up

I wish it set on fire.

I wish the whole building burned down.

Sometimes you have to burn the old down to the ground and start over.

I love you.

I'm gonna burn that guitar. I'm gonna do it for you. I'm gonna smash the shit out of it.

Fuck that guitar!