Just for the sake of writing

Two hundred and twenty three days of writing and doing yoga on a daily basis. Yesterday I feel like I had a breakthrough. Besides this blog I also keep a diary, do stream of conscious stuff, write jokes and come up with other funny ideas. For so long I've been doing this and not liking the results. The reason I started to get in the habit of writing everyday is because I want material for my stand up. My goal is to be able to do 45 minutes. 45 minutes is what you need to be the headliner. I want my 45. Where's my 45?

I've been writing on a daily basis and it just hasn't been funny. In fact, if someone asked me to write the most unfunny, un-entertaining, and boring material possible then I would say that I've been hitting it out of the park. My stand up act has been the same for over a year. I've felt trapped. I've felt like Forest Gump with his leg braces on. Sure the leg braces have helped me to walk but they have gotten to the point that I feel awkward. The leg braces being my stand up material.

Finally out of the blue I wrote down a funny story from when I was a kid and it killed last night. I was afraid to loose the braces but now I feel like I can just start running. The cool thing is, this little piece I wrote was only written because I'm in the habit of writing everyday.

I'm working the muscle. It might not be strong or coordinated but it's getting worked and 222 days into this thing I feel like I finally saw a result, however small. And it was fun. Having fun is a key ingredient to being funny, at least for me. So that's that, I just wanted to give a shout out to writing just for the sake of writing.