wrong is dead

It passed before me
the order was mixed
random pictures
A life that's fixed
tears are now?
There not here
not now or then
just numbing fear?
hold the template
destroy the old
leave the warm
walk through cold
laughter settles
the silences dies
I love the space
beyond the eyes
heartache feels
like it's all a part
a train that goes
from end to start
you think it's real
it's just a test
an act of worst
to get to best
ceilings slam
on heads of big
politics are
there to rig
holding staples
shooting guns
having terror
with angry nuns
tuck it in
before I do
priests will try
the scary through
but no one can
enter in
the place where
they call the sin
unless you open
the sacred door
do not enter
scare me more
tell your tale
and sing your song
until you feel
you have no wrong