Go fuck yourself

You're alone
try to fool yourself
try and believe you have friends
if you do you're a rich man
when you're riches fade so do your friends
when they stop getting they stop.
I should stop.

Try to fool yourself into believing in God
It'll work for a while
until you start to think for yourself
thinking for yourself is way over rated
You just realize your fucked when you start thinking for yourself

You're fucked and you're alone
There is no one looking after you
If you want anything in life you have to start conning
start conning people and start conning yourself.

You're fucked. You're alone.

You want to know how to be successful in life? Be born lucky.

otherwise you're fucked.

If you're fucked in life then you're best bet is to stop thinking for yourself and let other people do that for you. At least then you can relax. Let go of a little stress and ease a little pressure.

Go fuck yourself!