Don't read this shit

Where's my motion?
Where's my Christmas?
Is that what I've come to?

My Christmas is gone.

I'm surfing wave right now, but I'm just thinking of other waves and other beaches and other surfers and old bikini girls. What happened to the sayings? Are they still alive?

"You've got to surf the wave you're on, not the one that's gone."

"You've got to hit the bong you're on, not the one that's gone."

"It's the endless summer, not the endless bummer."

"It's the endless c#$%er"

I don't know what the fuck I'm writing. Don't read this. Just get up and walk away.

I've got nothing. What kind of a person has got nothing and then proceeds to put it on the internet?

Answer: An unsuccessful person


I need to read a book.

What book am I going to read?

I think I'm getting dumber.

Now what? Congratulate for writing nonsense for 234 days in a row? Where the fuck is the beam?

I'm way off the reservation.