My four year old

My four year old is crazy. He's also got awesome comic timing. I love him. I have him in Jiujitsu and he's the worst kid in the class. Doesn't pay attention, pushes the other kids in line and always says he has to go to the bathroom. During the class creed in the beginning of the class he screams it at the top of his lungs. When everyone's doing sit ups he lays there. When the instructor was telling the class that none of them wanted to be a bully my son raised his hand and said, "Actually I want to be a bully."

They make him sit on the bench when he's particularly bad. It was time for promotions the other day. The instructor said, "We have two promotions."

My son said, "One of them better be for me."

The first promotion was for my 6 year old. My four year old said, "That other one's for me right?"

The instructor called another kid up to get a stripe. Immediately my son started crying when you're supposed to clap for your classmate. Uncontrollable crying. Drool coming down the face. Crying the whole ride home. It was kind of funny. That sounds mean but he's so self centered that he couldn't believe it wasn't all about him.

Like father like son.

I took my four year old surfing for the first time the other day. He just laid on my long board and we rode waves on our belly. He was so proud. I was so proud.

I took him to a birthday party at the park. He was on the swings. I said, "Hey look how high you're swinging!"

He said, "That's cause I'm pumping my legs you idiot!"

I love you son.