Let's sell Jesus!

Well I guess I have egg on my face don't I?  I didn't get raptured up to heaven.  That fucking preacher said there was no way this couldn't happen.  How am I going to pay rent?  I spent all the families money on those damn whores and now I'm fucked!

What are you supposed to do after the world doesn't end?  It was so comforting knowing the world was going to end.  I usually don't know how life is going to work out and for once I had an answer.  Now I have nothing.  Nothing...except for a wife and two young kids, but who needs any of that bullshit.  I wanted some fucking excitement for a change.  Now all I do for fun is send my kids upstairs for time out while I watch Larry Sanders on netflix.

Oh well, you loose some you win some.

I need to get back into multilevel marketing.   With multilevel marketing you get to be your own boss, you have tons of free time, and you end up with tons of cash!  I tried to start my own MLM one time.  I had a great product, selling Jesus!  Not only could you get rich in my program but you were able to secure your place in heaven once you hit the diamond level!

Let's do this, let's sell Jesus!