Light years need spaceships

I feel so close yet light years away.  It's a different world and I'm looking in from the outside.  It's always gonna feel that way until I get with the program.  I've never been a "join life" kind of guy in my natural state.  I'm doing little things.  It starts with the little ones, stay consistent.  This is the mind ramblings from a semi focused crazy man with a blurry goal and a blind path.

I hear it's never easy and that's depressing, but I've got to believe that's a lie.  The people who say it never gets easier don't remember the hard part.  It's been too long for them.  Or they didn't have to experience it.  I want a taste of the nectar (more insane gibberish).

Some things just need to be repeated, but sometimes you need to make tweaks in your ship (now I'm getting messages from the mother ship).  Make an adjustment to your space ship young cowboy, the universe is yours to lasso.

I've been thinking a lot about the movie It's a Wonderful Life.  That's my life.  But it's not going to stop me.  I do have an amazing family and live in a beautiful place, but I still know I can have it all.

Or can I?