More crazy talk

You think you know?  I've never really thought that unless it was concerning knowing that I don't know.  I'm not even sure about that.  Maybe it's time to get sure about something?  Or maybe it's just good to be a searching soul.  I can't really stand people who know the answer, although I tend to get a lot of enjoyment listening to them.  I have problems.

What am I doing?  OK Duke just chill.  Just write something.  I've got nothing.

Before you're born you don't exist.  Then you are born and you exist.  Then you die and you don't exist.  So life is just an interruption of non existence?

Don't think about this stuff just eat some pizza and go shopping and try your best to get laid.  Is that what it comes down to?  I tried to start a skateboard company with the motto EFW: Eat Fuck Win.  Didn't really take off.

It's about tapping into something.  Something real.  A real moment.  I think the word I want is authenticity.  I want authenticity.  I want to wake up feeling that all my actions and thoughts were real.  Authentic.  Not something that doesn't mean anything.  Find meaning.  What's your meaning.

Enough crazy talk.