The Tao of Sidekick

The sidekick is the easiest job.  Sure everyone wants to be the host.  The star.  But no one really realizes how easy, relaxed and fun it is to be the sidekick.  The host has to stress.  The first one there the last one to leave, his mind is on the show every waking hour and the show most likely occupies most of his dreams and/or nightmares.

But the sidekick, he rolls in late in the afternoon, eats a couple donuts, hits on a few secretaries and then strolls over to the set and stretches out on the couch.  After the show the host is stressing about how it went and what to do for the next show.  Meanwhile the sidekick is tossing the nerf football with a couple of writers and is peacefully enjoying every second of the experience.

When the show starts the host is spinning a dozen plates, his mind working a million miles an hour.  The sidekick relaxes and enjoys himself.  He's having fun!  He kicks back and if he thinks of something funny he shouts it out.  The crowd laughs and everyone thinks he's hilarious.  If he can't think of anything he shuts up and let's the host do the work.

All I'm saying is it's a lot more fun being the sidekick.  It's an easy gig.  It's probably the best gig.

What I'm trying to say is you don't have to be a baller.  You don't have to be the top dog.  Keep the overhead low, keep the free time to a maximum, and the stress to a minimum.  Have fun like a sidekick!  Party like a sidekick! 

The Tao of Sidekick.