The I likes

Story time again. The kids are bathed and in bed.

Here we go.

There was a boy who loved toys. His name was Bonky. Bonky is a funny name but that's the name his Mommy and Daddy gave him. His Mommy and Daddy loved him a lot. They loved him so much that they kept buying him toys and also wii games. Bonky screams out loud,"I love game cube! And I can play game cube games on my Wii."

"That's nice Bonky" said his mom.

Bonky had toys in his room. His Mommy put shelves by the wall just for toys. His Dad bought a big Thomas the train chest just for toys. Bonky put his toys on the shelves but when the shelves were too full he put toys in the chest. Pretty soon the chest of toys was filled to the top. Then he tried to put toys in the closet but there was no room.

"There's no room in the closet because that's where all your costumes are," Bonky's Mom said.

When Bonky opened the closet all his costumes fell out. Bonky closed the closet and put toys under his bed. Then toys started coming out under his bed. Pretty soon there were toys all across Bonky's floor. There were toys everywhere.

Bonky's Mom and Dad gave him outside toys too but pretty soon you couldn't even go outside because it was all toys. There were so many toys you couldn't even walk out there.

When Bonky went to sleep he had a dream that there were so many toys in his home that his house blew up. Bonky woke up scared but he was happy when he realized he was safe in his bed. He went to go sleep the rest of the night with Mommy and Daddy.

In the morning Bonky said,"I think I have too many toys. I don't even like all my toys and the ones I like I can't even find!"

Bonky's Dad said,"I think I can help," and he walked with Bonky to his room. "Bonky, I'm going to hold each toy in front of you and you tell me if you like it or not." His Dad would take a toy and show it to Bonky,"Do you like this one?"

"Yes I really like this one," Bonky said. And Dad would keep it.

Then his Dad said,"Do you like this one?"

And Bonky said,"I don't know." and his Dad put it in a pile to give away.

Then his Dad said,"What about this?"

"Um Maybe."

His Dad put that in the pile to give away too."

By the end Bonky had a clean room and only toys that he liked. Bonky learned that you need to get rid of the "I don't knows" and the "Maybes" to make room for the "I likes".

The end.