Hangry monster

I'm going to attempt to write an original kids story as I sit in my kids room and tell it to them live.

Me: I'm gonna tell you guys a story.

Kid 1: Ok so we have to use our imaginations?

Kid 2: Is it going to be that batman story?

Me: I'm going to make it up now.

Once upon a time there was a really mean monster. His name was Baddad. He liked to get angry when things didn't go his way. Baddad would yell and scare people. If they walked in front of him he would yell,"Get out of my way sucker!". And they would get out of his way.

He liked to use bad words, like the S word "stupid" and the H word "hate". His heart was full of hate.

Then one day he met a princess and her heart was full of love. He said,"Hey princess why don't you get out of my face?!"

The princess wasn't scared of the monster. She said,"I'm not scared of you monster."

And the monster said,"You better be scared of me cause I'll kick your princess butt!"

The princess said,"You can't kick my butt because I'm a beautiful princess. And I have a beautiful butt because everything about a princess is beautiful and you can't kick things that are beautiful."

The monster said,"You think you're a pretty cool princess don't you?"

She said,"I am the coolest princess of the land. I don't think you're that mean of a monster."

And then the monster said,"If you don't know me by now you will never never know me."

The princess said,"I think you're hungry and that's why you're so angry, you're hangry. Would you like some food?"

"Ok I would like some pizza please."

The princess smiled and said,"How about a slice of veggie?"

The monster accepted the pizza and ate it all up. "I feel a lot better now princess, I'm not even mad any more."

The princess smiled again and said,"Sometimes when you're mad you should eat something because maybe you were hungry."

"Thank you for the pizza princess. Can I have a hug?" the monster said.

The princess gave the monster a big hug and they became best friends.

The end.