The irony of fuck it

I take life too seriously sometimes. I definitely let myself get worked up by things that don't make a difference. Sometimes I trip out on how much of my life I put weight on things that won't mean shit to me when I'm on my deathbed.

My mom really made me start to think about this. She has a lot of nice things. She really likes nices things, they're very important to her. Keeping these nice things nice is very high on her priority list. Building a loving relationship with her son? Not so much. She's worked her whole life to have nice things. She deserves nice things in her life! Don't fuck with her things.

She's in her 70's and I think about what she chooses to focus her energy towards. Things and what people think. When she's on her deathbed will she be so happy that she was able to keep her hardwood floor pristine? Will she be glad she worked so many hours at those jobs where the bosses didn't give a fuck about her?

The worst realization you can get when you get older is to see yourself be one your parents. The worst part of them. I still try to be in denial about this but I know there are some things lurking deep inside. I worry a lot. My mom's a worry wart. And I overreact to thing that aren't a big deal. I overreact to thing I can't change. Everytime I do this a little piece of me hardens and dies. I'm slowly killin myself when I get angry at things I can't change. I've become rigid and when my world changes without my permision I blow a gasket.

Over 16 years ago on the night before I decided to quit drinking I had a great attitude. I was at a bar that my joke band had played at and I had just bought the bar drinks with the money my real band had earned the night before. We through all the equipment in my van and when someone tried to shut the side door the whole door fell off onto the ground. Now my reaction to this is the key to life. I simply said,"Well it looks like we won't be needi g that door anymore.". I laughed. It was hilarious.

It was after this nightthat I decided to quit drinking. Isn't it ironic that my fuck it attitude was what caused me so many problems that I decided to change my life yet it's the fuck it attitude that I need now to save it?

Sometimes when life doesn't go our way we need to be able to say,"I guess I won't be needing that door anymore.". It's this attitude that I crave. It's this attitude that makes life fun, that creates the party. And it's this saying that was made for me: The party starts when te worrying stops.