Pee bottles

Do not read this if you don't like pee bottles.

I use to live in San Francisco, for college.  I lived in a room with tall ceilings.  I wanted more space so I built a loft.  I made sure that it was tall enough to walk underneath so you don't hit your head.  Then I made sure that I would be able to stand on my knees on the mattress above without my head hitting the ceiling while doing pelvic thrusts.  I didn't do many pelvic thrusts but I could do it if I wanted.

I used milk crates for my stairs up to the loft.  I got my milk crates for free.  There's a fine line between finding and stealing sometimes.  I found my milk crates in front of a store.  Anyways, milk crate stairs hurt your feet when you walk on them with no shoes, in the middle of the night, to go pee.  That's why I just peed in a big plastic bottle.  One thing I learned is that chicks don't really like pee bottles.  It's not like they say, "Oh that pee bottle is great, I've got a period bottle."

I don't know what the big deal is.  I put pine sol in it, for the smell.  Just don't touch your penis on it.  I mean my penis, my penis was the only one to touch the bottle.

The only chick who ever saw my pee bottle married me so I think I change my mind, chicks love pee bottles.