The good times

These are the good times.
Are you ready for the good times?
Here they are.

The rope swing scared me. I remember that swing from when I was 7. We went there today. It's like a jungle down that hill into the tree covered valley. How dis they get the rope on to that branch. Look at that other rope that broke. If that rope breaks in mid swing you've got to be 50 feet from the ground. That could really hurt a guy.

I went first. Cautious at first. But then I went from higher up on the hill. Then my 6 year old went for it. Scared at first too. Awesome. We didn't want to let the four year old do it. A proper parent wouldn't let a four year old do it. I'm not always proper. He went for it. "Just don't let go!" was the one rule I gave him. He went. His leg slipped and he was holding on to the rope with his hands. He held on like a champ and I grabbed him on his way back. He went a bunch of times after that.

These are the good times!