Real men don't have jobs

Some people think I'm a loser just because I don't have a job and don't pay bills and stuff. People with jobs think they're so cool all paying their bills and wearing their company shirts and khaki shorts. Women think they're so cool judging guys without jobs just because the guy can't support them. Women look at men without a job the same way a man looks t a woman without a vagina.

What I want to say is that a job is the wort thing you could do for your manhood. A real man avoids a job! A job makes you conform. A job makes you someone elses bitch. A job takes away your ability to think. The job thinks for you. Thy tell you what to think. A job takes away your ability to speak your mind. Any man who can't speak his mind isn't a man. He's a girl.

Real men don't have jobs. Jobs are for pussies. I don't have a job because I'm a man and becase I'm a man I'm a winner!