What if it still doesn't work?

Why is it so scary to write?  I read that book.  The one that talks about how the hardest thing with writing is not writing but it's sitting down to write.  Fuck!  It's hard.  It scares me.  Today I've written everyday for 276 days in a row.  And I've done yoga everyday for the same period of time.  The problem?  My path is getting narrow.  Just the act of writing to write isn't good enough for me anymore.  WTF! 

I want a 45 minute comedy act.  I'm not getting the material as fast as I want to.  This is where some comics in my position will just steal other peoples act because they're afraid of doing the work.  The work is scary.  Find what makes people laugh is a scary proposition, especially if you are doing it in a way that exposes your own personal truth.  The reason being, you have to find your personal truth.

No one wants to know their personal truth!  Our whole society is based around avoiding your truth.  We're trained to looked outward for personal satisfaction.  To get a job and then to buy things.  TV's, homes, cars, clothes, wives and anything else that can temporarily fill that void.  But with comedy you have to dive head first into that void.  You have to be fearless.  I'm scared.

My new goal is to try and write comedy for 1 hour a day.  This fucking terrifies me!  I don't think I can do it.  Why is this?  I think part of it is the fear of failure.  We all love to say how we could do something if we just had the time or if the circumstances were different.  But what if we couldn't?  What if the circumstances were different?  What if we made the time?  What if we did the work and still we were a failure.  This is my fear.  What if I do everything I know I should and could do and still I fail?  This is the fear I must face.  The place of the unknown.