tired everything

I'm tired beyond tired.  Is that a level of tired?  I just nodded off writing this.  I'm waking up at 3 AM.  I'm staying up.  I'm drinking coffee and diet coke and green tea (for health reasons).

I'm sleeping as I type.  This is like sleep walking.  I'm now officially sleeping while I type.  I'll drag and scrape the castle walls.  I'm taking the princess to the dungeon.

That was from a dream I was having as I typed.

Eyelids are very heavy now.

Fading hard.  Can't wait for sleep.  The clean sheets seem so inviting.  So perfect.  I want to go experience the perfection that is my bedsheets right now.

The chairs are knocked over.  This is not an excuse.  Sign me the way to the door.  It's opening and I want to be there when it does.  Dozing hard right now. 

My posture stinks.

I think I have enough.