Cracky marries Goldie (Kids story)

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Sierra. Her favorite color was pink. She loved to wear dresses and pretend she was a princess. There was a boy at her school named Cracky. She wanted Cracky to be her prince. Cracky said,"If you want you could marry me when we grow up."

And Sierra said,"Yes I will marry you when we grow up."

Sierra had a best friend named Goldie. Goldie really liked Cracky too and she wanted to marry him. Cracky said,"I will marry you Goldie when I get older." And Goldie was happy.

Cracky told his Mom that he had two girlfriends at school and that he was going to marry both of them. The mom said,"Cracky you can't marry two people!"

and then Cracky said,"What?!"

Cracky went back to school and told both of his girfriends that you can't marry two people. He said,"I guess you guys will just be my girlfriends." He decided to marry Sierra because he promised her first.

Sierra was so happy. But then she moved to kindergarten while Cracky stayed in preschool and she got a new older boyfriend.

Cracky said,"Well I guess I'll marry Goldie."

The end