Cracky (Kids story)


Once upon a time there was a little boy called Cracky.  Cracky was a little crazy.  He had a lot of energy.  He was really funny.  He liked to run around and play games, make people laugh, and have a lot of fun.  

He always wanted to do things his way.  If someone wanted to do something different he would push them.  If they still wanted to do something different he would cry.  

If his mom and dad told him no he would cry.  If that didn't change their minds he would try to hug them.

If he wanted some candy from his dad he would say,"Does daddy want a hug?" and he would give his daddy a big hug and then ask for candy.

Cracky loved candy.  If he didn't have candy he would get really mad.  He would yell,"Just give me candy!  Give me candy and I'll feel better!"

One day Cracky got a time out at school because he broke something and hurt his friend.  The teacher told Cracky that he had to listen to his teacher and parents and be nice to his friends.

Cracky decided to be nice to his friends and asked them what they wanted to do.  Cracky's friends wanted to play freeze tag and it was a lot of fun for Cracky.  Cracky learned that he could have fun doing what someone else wanted to do.

The end