I hate cancer

I hate Cancer.  I'm against it.  I've know people with cancer, it's terrible and what it's puts people through is disgusting. 

I had a brilliant idea to start a talk show from my bedroom one time.  I packed the audience in, 30 at a time.  My room was littered with talk show fans across my floor and covering my bed.  It was exciting.  I'm married and have been for quite some time, so as you can image once I started the talk show there was a lot more going on in my bedroom and before.  Like any great talk show I had an applause sign.  My sidekick Ryan was in charge of the sign and you better believe he used it.  And the audience clapped.  Whether it was an appropriate time to clap or not it didn't matter, if that sign lit up there was applause.  And when it was time to cheer that crowd lit up.  They were on fire!

One of the problems with hosting a talk show in your bedroom, especially if your bedroom window is four feet away from your neighbors bedroom is dealing with his complaints.  Like any good neighbor he would never say anything directly to me, but he did write notes.  He said ,"I don't know what you're doing, but stop it!"  I decided to go over and have a face to face with the old man living next door.  I figured that if I could just explain to him that this is my dream he would surely understand.  Apparently old people don't give a fuck about dreams.

He was angry.  He told me all the neighbors were angry.  I tried to explain to him about the whole thing about replacing Conan O'brien but it just kind of went over my head.  This whole time he thought I was holding weight watchers meetings.  This talk show was my dream and I was determined to make this guy understand until he pulled out the trump card.  He said ,"I have cancer.  I need to get my rest and I can hardly move after kimo."

You can't say' "Fuck you old man, you don't understand!" After he pulls out the cancer card.  I had no response.  I had to move my show from the bedroom and that's when everything started to fall apart for me.  My talk show was never the same, I began to lose momentum, I slowly became crazier and crazier, my life was ruined. 

And for that reason I hate cancer.  It doesn't just effect the person it effects everyone around them.