Last night was the best!

I'm a little bit high right now because my life has been awesome in the last 24 hours. I have had some very low moments these last few years, along with some highs, but it really has seemed that the negative has ruled. But not right now. Last night was one of the best nights of my life!

I was crushed when the talk show thing didn't work out the way I wanted it to. I was financially ruined and the finance doom and gloom thoughts have been a constant in my head. I took a stand up comedy class and I started doing comedy. I got consistant and got up at least onnce a week a lot of times much more. I took a job that involved a lot of travel and I was able to perform stand up and in about 5 diferrent states. It's been good for me but it's been a struggle. Lately I've really felt like I hit a wall. I wasn't progressing like I wanted to.

Then I took a job as a trivia host at a bar. I figured at least I'm getting paid to talk into a mic for a couple of hours. Then I really commuted myself to start writing everyday. I continued to get up consistantly.

A coup of trivia regulars became my fans. They would laugh at my jokes and show up every week. They searched for ne on the Internet and listened to my this American life segment. They wanted to see me do comedy and I kept avoiding it. Finally they offered me $150 to perform 15-20 minutes at a house party. I was nervous because I figured if I choked I wouldn't see then at trivia anymore. I kind of didn't want to do it but I've never been pai morethan $20 for comedy. Fuck yes I'm going to do it for $150! One othe problem in my mind is that I've never really done over 10 minutes.

I show up at this place an there's a bung of twenty somethings there drinking and hanging out. More an more people are coming. They're talking about me. A few people heard me on this American life. A girl wants to take a picture with me. The place get packed.

I perform and start killing. These guys are packed in this room, everyone is paying attention and they're all laughing! I did twenty minutes and hit it out of the park. I say I'm done an the crowd starts chanting my name and demanding an oncore. I do another ten minutes. I was the best night I can remember. I'm just really stoked right now. I wan to do more house parties!