Inside job

Late night ramblings from a mad man again!  I'm tired and I'm half human, half space cadet.  Traveling the inner universe.  How high can you get from staying up late?  It's a pretty good buzz but it all depends on where your head is at.  That goes for any type of high you're going for.  Where's your head at?

If your head is good then it's all good.  Isn't that a song?  "Smoke two joints"?  It talks about how before he does anything he has to fix his head.  This is true.  So weird that life is all about what goes on between your ears.  If they were to take away everyone's money and wipe away everyone's debt and then give everyone in the world one million dollars, within a few months half the people would lose it all.  Gamble it, smoke it, sniff it.

If your engine and rudder isn't working properly it doesn't matter what life gives you.  You're boats going to fuck up and go in circle or maybe even sink.  It's an inside job.  Fix what's inside you and then hopefully the outside will work itself out.  I don;t know what I'm saying and it's late.