Good stuff makes me nervous

I'm sort of freaking out right now. I had the best night of my comedy life the other night playig a house party. They treated me like a rock star. It was awesome. I've been contemplating a way to recreate that same experience, get a house party together, spread the word about me and charge $200. Was it too good to be true? Were the stars perfectly aligned that night in a way that can't be duplicated or is this lightening I can put in a bottle.

I have a new manager, the head of one of the trivia teams from Thursday's trivia night in Newport. He got me the first gig and said it was a bonus that he won't take out the %15 for the first gig. It went awesome and I walked away with $205. He's got a second party lined up and we've decided to charge $200. $170 for me and $30 for him. Sounds awesome.

Apparently this girl is throwing a double birthday party for her and her roomate. It's a cocktail party, I need to wear cocktail attire. Parents and family will be there. Both conservatives an liberals will be attending. I have been asked to keep my material pg 13. My manager said I'm available that night for $200 to perform 15-20 minutes. The girl has requested that for that price I do 30 minutes. I rarely do over 7 minutes! My material is a little racy.

I'm kind of freaking out right now. Fuck it, I'm going for it. I'll report back.