Laughs are key / bombing sucks

Bombimg is a bitch.  It's a car wreck into reality.  Although my bombs lately have been in front of crowds of less than ten people, all of who are comedians who are waiting to go on.  I've heard that Seinfeld says, "Good crowds help you write, bad crowds help you edit."  This is my experience.  I've just come off of a big, hot crowd at a house party.  I received an encore and evrything, wrote a bunch of new stuff.  I could do no wrong in front of these guys.  Last night in front of the eight comics I could do no right.  Except the laughter that a comic will give you when you're bombing.  Fuck.

Bad crowds make you edit.  And they make me want to redouble my effort and learn this thing.  I've been doing stand up over a year and a half and the one thing I know now is that first and foremost you need the laughs. A comic needs laughs to breath.  Laughs come first and something to say comes second.  Fuck.

Every comic needs to learn their own personal process.  I'm learning.