Goodbye to the stars

The outdoor swimming pool sits above the ground in the middle of an acre of grass. An extension cord runs to the pool. The children are instructed not to dump water on the extension cord. Apparently they don't want the kids to get electrocuted.

I'm surrounded by rolling hills of green and brown. Trees take up much of the landscape and tower a few stories tall. I day dream of a complicated tree house I've built with multiple levels and rooms. It's very impressive. My children are very impressed in this day dream.

I come out of fantasy as my son yells at me to get him a towel.

Last night the moon was full. I felt the beauty of the land for a breif moment. I look to the sky and see the stars. I'm reminded of when I was younger and would look at the stars every night, when I smoked cigarettes. Quitting smoking is easy, I've done it a hundred times. Then one day I just left it behind me. I guess I said goodbye to the stars on that day.