The party result (hung over)

So I was asked to do this party.  I'm offered $200.  I can't turn that shit down.  But then the red flags start to appear.  Instead of 15 minutes they want 30.  They want it pg 13. 

I ignore the signs, I take the money, I bomb hard.

When I arrive to the party I learn that the crowd is mostly a church group.  One gentleman says he will pray for me.  My act get's worse and worse.  Each thing I said was worse than the previous one.  With each punchline the audience gasps in horror.  I go down hard.  Then I say fuck my material and talk to the birthday girls.  One girl dances and the crowd goes wild.  I say thank, good night and get the hell out of there.  Luckily she paid upfront.

I'm now licking my wounds and trying to figure out my next move. Til then...